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The Sustainable 3-in-1 Bottle
simply eco-logical

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As seen in

3-in-1. That's how flexible you can use your UNDA.

With your UNDA you have three functions at once: Bottle + Box + Cup.

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The UNDA is stylish and sustainable at the same time. Timeless in design and simply eco-logical. So it not only helps you to reduce your ecological footprint. With its unique and flexible 3-in-1 system, it is your ideal companion when you are on the go.


The UNDA is more than just a water bottle. When you unscrew the drinking module, it turns into a large multifunctional box with a particularly wide opening. Now you can enjoy your drink from a large cup, but also easily transport food, such as snacks or cereal.


The UNDA has an easily unscrewable bottom. This can be used on the one hand as a practical cup and on the other hand as a small safe. This allows you to easily portion your drink and safely store important items such as keys or money.


Dishwasher safe
Easy to wash
Swiss made

Zero Waste

UNDA avoids disposable waste. On average, 210 disposable bottles and 130 disposable cups are consumed per person per year in Germany. The durable, reusable and 100% recyclable 3-in-1 bottle not only eliminates the need for disposables, it also inspires a sustainable lifestyle with a low environmental footprint.


UNDA is more than just a drinking bottle. It inspires with an innovative 3-in-1 system: Simply unscrewed, the bottle can be quickly converted into a cup or container and used flexibly. As a means of transport for snacks or to store important items. A cord can also be quickly attached to the bottle.


With its timeless minimalist design "Made in Berlin", UNDA is not only stylish. UNDA is pure ecodesign. Because special sustainability criteria are followed throughout the entire product life cycle: UNDA is 100% recyclable. Is produced in Switzerland with 100% renewable energy and under fair working conditions. And shipping is 100% CO2 neutral.