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the real alternative to prevent
single-use bottles and cups

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What makes unda special?

The unda is a sustainable lifestyle bottle
with customer needs in mind.

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Bottle to Cup

unda can convert from a bottle to a cup within seconds. Unlike other bottle-to-cup products, unda has no parts leftover, so there is nothing to misplace or lose while you’re out and about!

Cup to Bottle

Convert unda to a bottle if you want to finish your drink later and like to carry unda around.

Storage compartment

Store the lid when you use unda as a big cup with no parts leftover or use the storage for your keys, snacks or a tea bag.


Dishwasher safe
Easy to wash
Swiss made

Zero Waste

The average person uses 190 single-use bottles and 130 single-use cups per year, and more than 90% of the waste ends up in our landfills and oceans. unda can be part of the solution, or as we say, the UNDALUTION. By using the unda, you can help save our environment everyday.


Fill, drink, rinse, and repeat wherever you are and wherever you go! With an unda bottle, you always have a cup and a bottle on you.


The unda is built according to eco-design principles through all lifecycle phases and is 100% recyclable. However, we encourage users to repurpose their unda. Give it a second life, then spread the word of sustainability on social media!