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Why we choose plastic (PP)

UNDA was designed with multi-use and reuse in mind. It is made with plastic – yes, plastic –  making the UNDA light, durable, portable, super easy to clean and multi-functional for all aspects of daily life, whether at home, school, the office, gym or on the go. The more practical and functional the bottle, the more you reuse it; the more you reuse it, the more single-use bottles and cups are avoided!

Unlike single-use bottles and cups, the UNDA is made using high quality, BPA-free, food-grade Polypropylene for all four parts. The lid also has a silicone lining to prevent leaks. Polypropylene has high-temperature resistance, so your UNDA can be cleaned in the dishwasher at the end of the day. Polypropylene is used in many standard household appliances and even has its own recycling code, code 5. UNDA’s eco-design allows it to be easily dismantled and is 100% recyclable. However, in the spirit of sustainability, we suggest finding a way to repurpose it, such as using it as a container, vase, or a household cup. Show us on social media if you find another way to repurpose it!

Furthermore, thanks to its wand thickness (solid wand thickness), Unda is suitable to enjoy a to-go coffee or tea. Beware, the bottle will become hot where the hot liquid is. See our how to for specific instructions for handling your Unda with hot beverages.

We have decided for the material Polypropylene, because our priorities are

  1. Health (safe, BPA-free, Food-grade, healthy teeth, no broken glass)
  2. User-friendly and Zero-Waste: the more you use it (easy to wash, dishwasher safe), the better it is for you (drink more water) and the environment (prevent single-use)
  3. Circular Economy (ecodesign)