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Why should you drink water from the tap versus buying bottled water?

Tap water is safe to drink in most developed nations. Of course, one should consult the CDC (Center for Disease Control) for a full list of countries where tap water is safe to drink. For most of the USA, Canada, Europe and Australia, water from the tap is safe to drink. However, more and more people in those regions are opting for bottled water. In the US, bottled water is being consumed at a rate higher than beer and milk. Here are six reasons we think consumers should think twice before choosing bottled water over tap water:

1. Save single-use waste

Most packaged water is in a single-use bottle. On average, humans use 190 single-use water bottles per year. The perils of our single-use consumption and waste are well documented, but the tl;dr of it all is that we’re dumping the equivalent of one full garbage truck of plastic into the ocean each minute and estimates show by 2050 we’ll have more plastic in the ocean than fish. Plus, there are health concerns over chemicals leaching out of single-use plastic bottles into our water sources.

2. Save money

Studies have shown that buying a single bottle of water can be up to 2000 times more expensive than filling a bottle from the tap. Water by the gallon averages 300 times more than filling from the tap. Even if you buy in bulk, buying just a few cases of water is the same price as one undabottle. A few cases of bottled water might last you a few weeks before you run out, but the reusable undabottle will last a lifetime.

3. Reduce impact on the climate

While single-use waste is easy to see, it’s important to understand how many resources go into making one bottle of water, such as the energy required and carbon emissions from the production and shipment of a product that comes through your tap at a fraction of the environmental impact. Bottled water requires up to 2000 times more energy to produce than tap water, and one bottle of water can require 2-3 times the amount of water to make it than is actually in the bottle. What a waste!

4. It’s EASY

Walk over to your faucet and fill up your undabottle with tap water. Put some ice and lemon in there and you’ve got yourself a refreshing beverage. It’s as easy as that. No more carrying heavy pallets of water up the stairs. No need to run to the shop when you’re out of water, since you’re never out of water.

5. It’s a myth that bottled water is healthier than tap water

For most of the people in the regions listed at the top of the article, their tap water is regulated by the government. In the US, for example, tap water regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency, so it is often monitored and tested more frequently and to a higher standard than bottled water. Which leads to number six…

6. Sometimes bottled and tap water taste the same because they are the same

A few major bottled water corporations were forced to change their marketing after it was discovered that they were bottling water from the same source as the residents’ tap water. In fact, research has shown that almost half of bottled water sources are the same as tap sources. No wonder people can’t tell the difference in taste between bottled and tap water!The 3-in-1 undabottle was built with reusability in mind to make trips to the tap more frequent and eliminate the need for single-use plastic bottles.