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5 Quick undabottle Storage Lifehacks

1. The standard bottle-to-cup conversion

You’re thirsty for a big cup of iced orange juice. You reach for your undabottle, which is in bottle form. First, you unscrew the lid, so you can easily drop your ice in the wide mouth cup. But you need somewhere to put the lid and cap, so it doesn’t roll off your desk. Lucky for you, the undabottle lid and cap fit snugly into the storage base. Now, simply fill up your large cup with your ice and juice, and enjoy!

2. Last-minute personal item safekeeping

You walk into the yoga studio, with your mat in one hand and undabottle filled with lemon water in the other. You unroll your mat and prepare to get into your meditative headspace. The only problem is, you notice your keys poking your leg from your pants pocket. Ugh, annoying, and you have nowhere to store your keys. Then it hits you: your undabottle has a little storage space attached to the bottom. You pull your keys out of your pocket, drop them into the storage base, and find your zen.

3. Sneaky snack hiding spot

The rush-hour train ride home from work is always jam-packed. It’s so crowded that you don’t have enough elbow space or energy to dig to the bottom of your backpack for your bag of cashews. However, today is different. While at work, you planned for this moment and put your cashews in your undabottle storage. You casually slide your undabottle out of your backpack side pocket and unscrew the storage to get your tasty snack. You’d pat yourself on the back if you could move that much.

4. Share with a friend

You’re at the park throwing the tennis ball to your pup on a hot summer afternoon. After the 10th retrieval, Buster’s tongue is hanging halfway to the ground and he’s panting hard. You realize there’s not a hose or water fountain in sight. Good thing you’ve got your undabottle, which is filled up with ice-cold water. You unscrew the storage base and pour in some of your water from the undabottle. Storm laps up the water from his makeshift cup, and after a few slurps is ready to fetch again.

5. Party starter

You’re dancing at the headlining show of the festival. Neon bracelets and necklaces are flickering, lasers from the stage are shooting every direction, and the ground is trembling from the heavy bass. A lightbulb goes off in your head. You have an LED light in your pocket. You put your LED into your undabottle storage base and hold it up. Whoa, that’s a cool effect!

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