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UNDA – The Outdoor Bottle

Clear mountain air in the nose, soft moss under the hiking boots and the summit cross in front of your eyes – hiking can be so beautiful! But what should not be missing during the strenuous ascent? Sure – enough fresh water! Find out here why the UNDA is the perfect companion for all mountaineers.

Easy refill #undaway

Whether at the crystal-clear mountain spring or at the cozy alpine hut, you can easily refill the UNDA with fresh water everywhere. Due to its large opening, refilling is no problem at the small sink, as well as at the large waterfall. 

Heavy luggage was yesterday

You don’t feel like having a heavy hiking backpack that gets even heavier with a water bottle? The UNDA is made of a food-safe and lightweight plastic. This material makes it much lighter than most other bottles. Goodbye heavy water bottles on the way to the top of the mountain!

Always well supplied!

Hikes are exhausting. So that you do not run out of energy until the snack at the alpine hut, the UNDA has a special gadget! The drinking bottle has a small integrated container that is screwed to the bottom of the water bottle. You can use it as a drinking cup, but you can also store small snacks there. So you have e.g. nuts, fruit or jelly bears on the way always there. 

Perfect for the hiking backpack

The UNDA is designed so that it really fits into the bottle holder of any backpack. If it’s time to go fast you can always easily and without taking off the backpack to the Unda. 

Extra wearing comfort

No more room in your backpack for your water bottle? Or would you rather have your water bottle with snack compartment always at hand? Then the UNDA cords are perfect for you!
With the accompanying cord, you can easily hang your hiking bottle around. So you can always take a sip from it and have your hands free at the same time.

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The UNDA Hydration Challenge in November

Fall is here and the temperatures keep dropping. Especially now, when viruses can spread easily, it’s important to stay #hydrated, whether with water, spritzers or delicious teas. That’s why we want to motivate you to drink more with the UNDA Hydration Challenge in November! 

Throughout November, UNDA’s social media channels are all about #stayhydrated. We provide you with tips and tricks on how you can manage to reach your daily water requirement. We motivate you and show you how easy it can be to always stay hydrated with UNDA. You’ll get exclusive information and facts about #stayhydrated. 

In keeping with #HydrationNovember, we’re also giving away great #stayhydrated packages with partners whose products help you drink more.

Join in #stayhydrated and do your body some good by keeping it hydrated! It will thank you for it.

Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok or sign up for the newsletter to be part of the Hydration Challenge. Become part of the UNDA community and show us your personal successes in your story with the hashtag #HydrationChallenge. Link us @undabottle and we’ll repost your story – motivating you and the whole UNDA family!

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Zero Waste Berlin Festival 2021

Zero Waste Berlin Festival 2021 – Three exciting days full of sustainability, circular economy and zero waste.

For the Zero Waste Berlin Festival 2021, the UNDA was branded with the Zero Waste Berlin Festival logo in a limited edition.

For the first time, the Zero Waste Berlin Festival took place this year not only virtually. The Malzfabrik Berlin served as an open-air location and convinced with idyllic green festival atmosphere.  
From September 17 to 19, everything here revolved around the seven main categories: Green Cities, Sustainable Food System, Green Tech, Sustainable Fashion, Lifestyle, Self-Care and Activism.

From workshops to lectures by various speakers to live music, everything was on offer. In addition, more than thirty exhibitors presented their sustainable products and services to the visitors.

As a partner of the Zero Waste Festival 2021, undabottle provided the event with a limited edition version of the UNDA 3-in-1 with the ZERO WASTE BERLIN FESTIVAL logo. All exhibitors and speakers received a branded UNDA.

Various other sustainable companies were also represented at the event.
ONE-TWO-TEA provided visitors with their 100% organic and plastic-free teas in the cool autumn temperatures. The tea leaves can be brewed up to three times and sink down into the cup all by themselves. Definitely a highlight of the Zero Waste Berlin Festival 2021!

Thore Hildebrandt was represented in the Sustainable Food System area. The vegan chef from Berlin presented his concept at the festival. Thore creates delicious dishes with sustainable and rescued food and wants to give impulses for a more careful use of our resources.

The young startup OPEN FUNK also wants to make its contribution to environmental protection. The two founders have designed a kitchen mixer that is used with classic preserving jars. Materials and colors can be customized.

The Berlin-based company Natch is also committed to a healthy planet. With its toothpaste tablets made from 100% natural ingredients, the startup delivers a completely new toothbrushing experience. At the Zero Waste Festival, visitors were able to see the vegan, plastic-free toothpaste for themselves at the Natch booth.

The Berlin-based company BioBunnies also presented their partner brands at the event in the Malzfabrik. In their sustainable online store, BioBunnies offers environmentally friendly products. Each brand is thoroughly checked before it is offered in the online store.

The Cologne-based company COCO-MAT provided cycling fun at the Zero Waste Festival. With their wooden bicycles, visitors could explore the festival grounds not only on foot. The wooden e-bike version was particularly well received by the guests.

We would like to thank the founder of the festival Coral Ruz and her team. We look forward to the next Zero Waste Berlin Festival in 2022!

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7 reasons to drink more water

  1. Water helps against headaches 

We all know it – that annoying throbbing in the head. But what really and sustainably helps against headaches? Quite simply: water! If the organism lacks water, the blood becomes more viscous and the vessels in the brain can no longer be optimally supplied. The lack of oxygen leads to headaches. According to the DGE, the body of an adult needs 1.5 to 2.5 liters of water a day. To counteract dehydration in the future, always have your water bottle with you.

  1. Water for a beautiful skin

What keeps your skin looking young and fresh and is 100% eco-logical? We are talking about: Water! The cool water supplies your cells with oxygen and smoothes out small wrinkles. A real fountain of youth, our tap water. For the beauty effect, however, you need to drink enough. With a stylish drinking bottle you can easily fill the beauty drink from the tap.

  1. Lose weight made easy

Diets upon diets, but none helps? How about drinking more water? A big cup of water or a few sips from your water bottle before each meal will curb your hunger. Plus, water stimulates your metabolism, so you burn more calories. 

  1. Stay healthy!

Water is the perfect helper to flush harmful substances out of the body. Even when you have a cold, it is important to detoxify the body with enough fluids. Add fresh fruit, vegetables or herbs for an extra vitamin kick. Be sure to clean your beverage container regularly. The easier the bottle is to clean, the more hygienically and healthily you flush the harmful substances out of your body.

  1. Water for muscle building

We all need strong and healthy muscles. But especially athletes should make sure to always take enough water. Nutrients such as vitamins, proteins, etc. can only be transported to the muscles with sufficient fluid. That’s why you should always have a water bottle with you when you do sports. Whether in the gym, during yoga or on the court: Don’t forget your handy bottle!

  1. Performance

Your ability to concentrate and perform depends crucially on how well hydrated your body is. Therefore, always make sure to have a water bottle or cup handy so that you are never dehydrated and can perform consistently.

  1. Drink water and save resources

When you drink tap water instead of mineral water or a fizzy drink, you not only save your money, but also natural resources such as material and energy needed for packaging!