Our contribution to sustainable waste prevention

We are a social-ecological Berlin-based startup with the mission to sustainably avoid waste from disposable bottles and cups. In Germany alone, an average of 210 disposable bottles and 130 disposable cups are consumed per person and year. More than 90% of these disposable products end up in our nature and oceans, our rivers, lakes, parks, beaches, mountains and roads. We want to solve this environmental problem together with you.

That’s why we invented the UNDA 3-in-1 bottle.

It combines sustainability with technology. It is characterized by Swiss Made quality, ecodesign guidelines and zero waste. It can be used flexibly and easily. Be it at home, at work, while traveling or doing sports.

What we value.

It is important to us not only to think about our personal ecological footprint, but also to act. We want to motivate and support people to live more sustainably while being economical with money and resources.


UNDA inspires with an innovative 3-in-1 system: simply unscrewed, the bottle can be quickly converted into a cup or container with a particularly wide opening and used flexibly.


With its timeless minimalist design “Made in Berlin”, UNDA is not just stylish. UNDA is pure ecodesign, because special sustainability criteria are followed throughout the entire product life cycle.

Zero Waste

UNDA, the durable, reusable and 100% recyclable 3-in-1 bottles not only make disposable bottles and cups unnecessary, they also inspire a sustainable lifestyle with a low ecological footprint.

The Sustainable Development Goals we follow

The Sustainable Development Goals, known as the Global Goals, are a plan to eliminate hunger, combat inequality and clean up the planet by 2030.

With unda we contribute to achieving the goals and we want to make a difference together with you. With our work and the development of unda we contribute to the SDGs Clean Water and Sanitation (6), Responsible Consumption and Production (12), Climate Action (13), Life Below Water (14), Life on Land (15) and Partnerships for the Goals (17).

Sustainability "Made in Switzerland".

We value particular importance to sustainable quality, because the UNDA 3-in-1 bottles are characterized by a particularly high durability as the basis of longevity and reusability. That is why we have chosen an experienced Swiss manufacturer. Our partner works in an environmentally friendly way with 100% renewable energy – hydroelectric power, with an existing machine park and recycles all material residues in the bottle production and the standards for fair working conditions are observed. In logistics, we also pay attention to sustainability: the shipment of products is CO2 neutral throughout Europe. The transport packaging consists of 70% recycled cardboard and 30% grass.

Support for a project or NGO

The UNDA 3-in-1 bottles are manufactured according to eco-design guidelines. Throughout the entire product life cycle, we therefore ensure compliance with the specified sustainability aspects. In addition, we are working with our partner in Switzerland on the conversion to CO2-reduced production.

We are also involved in the social sector and are currently a sponsoring member of VIVA CON AGUA support the vision “Water for all – all for water”. Therefore, VIVA CON AGUA is committed to access to clean drinking water, sanitation and hygiene.

"It is important not only to think about our personal ecological footprint, but also to act. With the help of UNDA, we can avoid using disposable bottles and cups, and acting sustainably can even save money".

Stephan Mangold Founder and CEO of Meerflasche

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Einfach praktisch & nachhaltig

Durch die einzigartige besonders weite Öffnung des Behälters ist die Handreinigung wesentlich leichter als bei normalen Trinkflaschen mit ihren schmalen Öffnungen. Und da die UNDA spülmaschinenfest ist, kannst Du Deine UNDA auch einfach in der Spülmaschine reinigen. Leichter zu reinigen bedeutet, weniger Wasserverbrauch, längere Wiederverwendbarkeit und damit größere Nachhaltigkeit. Auch wird die UNDA durch die besonders weite Öffnung einfach zur vielseitigen und praktischen Transportbox.

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Den ökologischen Fußabdruck verringern

Die UNDA ist nicht nur die beste Alternative zur Vermeidung von Einwegflaschen und -bechern, sie ist auch Ökodesign pur und erfüllt die Kriterien der Kreislaufwirtschaft und von „Greentech“. Im gesamten Produktlebenszyklus werden deshalb besondere Nachhaltigkeits-Kriterien verfolgt: Die langlebige, wiederverwendbare UNDA ist zu 100% recycelbar und damit „Zero Waste“. Sie wird in der Schweiz mit 100% erneuerbaren Energien und unter fairen Arbeitsbedingungen produziert. Die Verpackung besteht aus … und der Versand erfolgt zu 100% CO2-neutral. Die UNDA ist damit einfach eine gute Gelegenheit, dass du deinen eigenen ökologischen Fußabdruck nachhaltig verringern kannst.

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