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About us

We are a young and dynamic socio-ecological start-up based in Berlin on a mission to reduce waste by eliminating more than 320 single-use bottles and cups per person per year! 

What is important to us?

We want to motivate people to act in a more sustainable and environmentally friendly way and to be more aware of how they spend money. So we created the unda to offer people a convenient, versatile, and reusable alternative to single-use bottles and cups.

It’s a good thing to consume less and to think about our personal influence on our planet. We only have one.

unda should not only convince through its sustainability, but also through its individual compatibility with everyday life.

The Sustainable Development Goals we follow

The Sustainable Development Goals, known as the Global Goals, are a plan to eliminate hunger, combat inequality and clean up the planet by 2030.

With unda we contribute to achieving the goals and we want to make a difference together with you. With our work and the development of unda we contribute to the SDGs Clean Water and Sanitation (6), Responsible Consumption and Production (12), Climate Action (13), Life Below Water (14), Life on Land (15) and Partnerships for the Goals (17).

Our Manufacturer

We chose a reputable Swiss manufacturer with over 30 years of experience in producing high-quality bottles to ensure our product was built with longevity in mind. unda is produced using 100% renewable energy sources (hydropower). This is an important part of the ecodesign of the bottle. Plus, our manufacturer repurposes any and all leftover material. The bottle is built using existing machinery, and the factory upholds Swiss standards for fair labour practices.

One other important fact is our sustainable distribution. The undas only have a short way to travel from the manufacturer to reach our fulfilment centre in Germany, plus we use very sustainable packaging.

Support for a project or NGO

The production of unda is based on product lifecycle ecodesign principles. Moreover we will implement CO2 positive production and support NGOs – like Viva con Agua – that follow the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals aiming to protect the environment.

We are a sponsoring member at Viva con Agua, and support them with a monthly donation for their global water-related projects.

"It is important not only to think about our personal ecological footprint, but also to take an active role in everyday life. With the help of unda we can prevent the use of single-use bottles and cups, and acting more sustainably can even save money".

Stephan Mangold Founder and CEO of Meerflasche

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