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The UNDA Hydration Challenge in November

Fall is here and the temperatures keep dropping. Especially now, when viruses can spread easily, it’s important to stay #hydrated, whether with water, spritzers or delicious teas. That’s why we want to motivate you to drink more with the UNDA Hydration Challenge in November! 

Throughout November, UNDA’s social media channels are all about #stayhydrated. We provide you with tips and tricks on how you can manage to reach your daily water requirement. We motivate you and show you how easy it can be to always stay hydrated with UNDA. You’ll get exclusive information and facts about #stayhydrated. 

In keeping with #HydrationNovember, we’re also giving away great #stayhydrated packages with partners whose products help you drink more.

Join in #stayhydrated and do your body some good by keeping it hydrated! It will thank you for it.

Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok or sign up for the newsletter to be part of the Hydration Challenge. Become part of the UNDA community and show us your personal successes in your story with the hashtag #HydrationChallenge. Link us @undabottle and we’ll repost your story – motivating you and the whole UNDA family!