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10 reasons why this bottle should not be missing at your next festival visit!

Whether on the campsite, the dance floor or various workshops – with your festival bottle you are well equipped for all activities. Why the UNDA is your perfect event companion.

  1. Unique 3-in-1 equipment: water bottle, cup and box

With UNDA you not only have a water bottle with you, but also always a cup. Perfect as a coffee mug in the morning, water bottle throughout the day and for your mixed drink in the evening – all in just one product and space-saving to boot.

  1. Lightweight

The material of the UNDA is quite light and at the same time unbreakable – so you can easily take it with you at any time without it bothering you.

  1. Dance with UNDA

You can easily hang your UNDA around your neck with our stylish cord and take it with you everywhere. So you have more freedom of movement when dancing and partying and always your hands free!

  1. Simple cleaning & mixing

Thanks to the large opening of the UNDA, filling or mixing drinks is super easy. And also the manual rinsing of the bottle is no longer a problem with UNDA!

  1. Practical hiding place for valuables

The typical festival problem – where to put keys and cash? Simply put them into your UNDA! Just keep your valuables in the small box of the water bottle!

  1. Practical and safe

Glass is banned at many festivals because of the risk of injury – and we all know how much more fun dancing barefoot is. That is why our UNDA is made of a soft and BPA-free plastic. This way you not only protect yourself, but also the others.

  1. Mood lighting in the tent and on the dance floor.

At night, the UNDA can provide atmospheric colorful light. Simply place an LED light, glow light or your headlamp in the bottom of the UNDA box and you have a cool illuminated accessory and light in the tent!

  1. Sustainable, of course!

You’re tired of the huge piles of garbage at festivals? With UNDA, you no longer have to rely on disposable bottles and cups. This way you protect nature and avoid waste.

  1. Good haptics!

Thanks to the rough surface, the slim design and the stability, the UNDA fits wonderfully in the hand, whether as a cup or bottle!

  1. Easy refilling

Filling bottles at water stations at festivals is often a bit complicated. Thanks to the large opening of our UNDA, this is no longer a problem either. You save water and time!