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How Does the undabottle Follow Eco-Design Principles?

We are serious about tackling the single-use problem, so when we set out to create a better bottle, we knew it had to be sustainable. The undabottle is built according to established German eco-design principles throughout all five of the life cycle phases:

1. Preliminary planning stages:

The idea was to create a “real” 3-in-1 bottle that could be converted into a large, 550ml cup with no loose parts leftover. We did our research, and we didn’t find another bottle on the market that does what the undabottle can: bottle, cup, storage, and a single-use destroyer. The undabottle twist-off lid can be stored in the storage base so you can enjoy your drink out of your wide-mouth cup when you’re relaxing at the park without worrying about the lid getting lost in the grass or trying to stuff it in your pocket. Or keep the lid on and use it like a bottle, and you can store your keys or a snack in the storage base. The multi-functionality of the undabottle is unique. The undabottle is a versatile, easy-to-use bottle that helps eliminate the need to purchase single-use water bottles and cups


The undabottle was designed in Berlin. It’s manufactured in Switzerland using 100% renewable energy sources – specifically hydropower. The undabottle is made with low material diversity and thus can be easily dismantled. Plus, our manufacturer repurposes leftover material, by distributing it to another company that builds something new out of it [such as building outdoor furniture or paving streets-Stephan to check]. The bottle is built using existing machinery, and the factory upholds Swiss standards for fair labor practices.


The undabottle is shipped in lightweight boxes filled with recycled paper and without unnecessary extra packaging. The undabottle is made in Switzerland, and the close proximity to our European warehouse keeps our footprint low when shipping throughout Europe. That means more truck deliveries and fewer flights. We’ve also opted for sea freight over air freight to supply our overseas warehouses.


Using the undabottle can prevent the unnecessary waste of more than 320 single-use bottles and cups per year. That’s a lot more space for our marine friends to swim in the ocean. Use, reuse, and reuse again and again. The undabottle couldn’t be easier to use. Plus, it’s super easy to clean, whether by hand or in the dishwasher. That it’s so easy to clean means you will want to keep reusing it! The undabottle is 100% BPA-free and food grade.

5.End of life:

If you must retire your undabottle, it is 100% recyclable in recycling class 5 (which is stamped on each part). However, in the spirit of sustainability, we suggest finding a way to repurpose it. You can keep using it as a cup, or repurpose it as a vase or a pasta container. Show us on social media if you find another way to repurpose it!